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Before remanufacturing, all cores are disassembled into components and sub components. The Components then go through an extensive cleaning process. After cleaning, all parts go through a visual inspection. The Components will then go through our remanufacturing process.

1. Body: Resurfaced and checked for OEM specs.
2. Pistons: Visual inspection and replaced if necessary.
3. Valve Plates: Resurfaced to OEM specs.
4. Valve Reeds: New or Resurfaced to OEM specs.
5. Bearings: Tested and replaced as needed.
6. All seals and gaskets are replaced and are R12 / R134-A Compatible.
7. Clutches are remanufactured as necessary.
8. During assembly units go through a quality control check at key points.
9. All compressors are filled with Premium Polyol Ester Oil which is R12 / R134-A compatible. After assembly the compressors go through the toughest testing in the aftermarket.
10. Valve Plates are tested for proper discharge & suction pressure.
11. Compressor is put on a on car simulation to test for noise and proper operation.
12. Unit is then leak checked at high pressure using nitrogen. Nitrogen is lighter than air or freon.
13. Coils are checked electronically to make sure they meet OEM specs.
14. Clutches are then tested for proper operation using a on car simulation test
AIRCO follows all recommended procedures and OEM spec's. Nitrogen testing is used on all units for leaks because it is lighter than freon or air. Following that test we use on-car simulation tests for the best finished product. There are four total tests performed on each unit before it passes our quality control inspection.

We are proud to tell you our defect percentage is less than 3%! A figure new units find hard to match and when combined with Factory Direct pricing, you get the best deal!

Remanufactured parts help save you money!
Auto parts can be expensive so the use of remanufactured auto parts can help save you big cash on your next car repair. The reason why is that remanufactured parts cost a lot less than new parts - an unbelievable 50% to 90%. Some new parts are aftermarket and not OEM and May not fit right. An OEM part should always fit right.

How can aircoparts.com offer these low prices?
Most of our a/c compressors come from vehicles that have been damaged and for that reason an insurance company declares the vehicle a "total loss". Although the damage May be extensive and too costly to repair, these vehicles generally have a number of undamaged parts that can be re-used. Most of our compressors come from such vehicles. We sell to dealerships, service shops, body shops, repair shops and individuals. We can offer parts at a great value. Sound too good to be true? For example, let's say that you needed to replace an a/c compressor - Using brand new parts - you would order the compressor, clutch and pulley each at top dealership prices. Using aircoparts.com you could purchase the whole a/c compressor with clutch and pulley at a portion of what a manufacturer would charge for the compressor alone.

Remanufacturing parts help save the environment & earth
The use of recycled parts equates to two large factors. Using recycled parts reduces the need for manufacturers to produce new parts and reduces the use of new resources. Another reason is that it also prevents used parts and material from ending up in landfills.

Recycled parts - an answer to obsolete parts
A part becomes obsolete as soon as a manufacturer stops producing it. At aircoparts.com, we help you find obsolete a/c compressors and parts by remanufacturing discontinued, used and out of date parts for the vehicles that May need them.

If you are having trouble finding a part either because you own a vintage car or the manufacturer has ceased production of a part, we can offer you a solution. Anticipation of needs are resolved through storage of numerous automotive a/c parts on location and through our local suppliers. Most parts are "interchangeable" - meaning that they were built to fit several different vehicles. This May also provide an opportunity to locate the part you need.

A used compressor does not qualify as a core unless it can be remanufactured."

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