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Custom A/C Hose Repair and Replacement

Send in your a/c hose for repair or replacement to guarantee a first time fitment.

Your air conditioning system works much like the circulatory system of the human body. There are six major components in any AC system. These include the compressor, condenser, receiver-dryer, expansion valve, evaporator and coolant. The coolant acts as the life blood of the system, flowing from one component to the next before returning to start the cycle all over again. To get from one part to the next, the coolant runs through AC hoses. Continuing the circulatory system analogy, these components act as the veins of the system. Hoses are specially sized and designed to allow the free flow of both hot and cold liquid and gas. These tubes are flexible and feature metal crimpings at the end to prevent coolant leaks. If you notice that your air conditioning is as cold as it should and that coolant is collecting on the ground under your car, then you likely have a leak in your tube. To fix the problem the entire line will need to be replaced.

We can custom manufacture ac hoses and re-manufacture automobile a/c hoses for import and domestic cars and trucks. We also repair hoses for all makes and modes of vehicles including A/C Hoses, power steering hoses, transmission cooler lines, and new brake lines.

We specialize in A/C parts sales including new a/c hoses to fit your every need. We have the best prices on a/c kits, new and re-manufactured a/c compressors, accumulators/receivers, dryers, expansion valves, and orifice tubes. 

·       We stock thousands of parts in warehouses across the country:

·       Over 500 accumulators and receiver dryers.

·       Over 400 a/c fittings for hose repair in stock.

·       Compressors and related a/c components.  

·       Chemicals needed for servicing and repairing a/c systems.  

·       We fabricate:

·       New custom fit a/c hoses and components.  

·       New brake hoses, both OE and custom (rubber, stainless, and colored braid)

·       New brake hard lines with double flare plus bubble end. 

·       Custom fit power steering hoses and fittings.

·       We repair: 

 ·      Power steering hoses, A/C hoses, brake hoses, transmission cooler lines, fuel lines (limited). 




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