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Remanufactured Compressors carry no core charges so you don't have to worry about an additional fee.

Most Places Charge a core charge that is added to the compressor purchase price at time of checkout. To save you time and money we don't do that here. We may ask that you send back your old unit - but we'll pay for the shipping.

What Is A Core?:

A used compressor does not qualify as a core unless it can be remanufactured. The used compressor must meet the following requirements to be considered a rebuildable core:

1. The compressor must not be damaged. It must be the identical model of the purchased compressor. It must have all it's ears and/or mounting pads intact. It must have no broken bolts or studs and no stripped (threaded) holes.
2. The clutch hub, pulley and coil must not be damaged and must be mounted on the compressor as it was intended. The coil pin on the front head must be intact. The clutch must not be burned and the pulley must rotate smoothly.
3. The drive shaft must turn smoothly at least three (3) full revolutions in one direction and must have suction and discharge pressure present.
4. The core must be drained of all lubricant and have all of its openings sealed.
5. The core must be returned in a sturdy box and received within 15 days from receipt of the purchased compressor. Please make sure the core is packaged securely as to avoid any shipping damages.
6. The box must contain a copy of the original invoice for the purchased compressor.
7. The purchaser is responsible for all costs to return the core.
8. The compressor has not been altered or taken apart.
9. No damage or cracks to the exterior case, mounting ears, service valves or bosses.
10. Some Suction and Discharge pressure must be felt. No sootiness or debris is evident in the discharge port.
11. The complete clutch assembly must be attached and not bent, burnt or seized.
12. All wires must be attached and uncut.

Maintenance Tips / Suggestions: Symptoms of a bad compressor or compressor clutch include poor or no cooling, and a noisy or seized compressor. Have your vehicle?s air conditioning system checked yearly by a professional technician. The A/C system also operates when the climate control system is in the defroster mode to remove moisture from the interior, so A/C is more than a summertime creature comfort. Operating an A/C system low on refrigerant not only results in poor cooling, it can also damage the system due to poor lubrication flow. Make sure that the technician servicing your car uses the correct refrigerant and refrigerant oil. Use of the wrong refrigerant or oil can reduce system performance or even cause damage.


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