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The blower motor mounts to a housing surrounding the heater core, evaporator and air control doors.

Purpose: The A/C blower motor moves air from outside the vehicle, through a cabin air filter if equipped, then through the heater core, and/or evaporator based on driver demands. The air control doors control the exact direction of airflow from the blower motor. The resulting airflow then warms or cools the interior, or is used to de-fog or de-ice the windshield.

Maintenance Tips / Suggestions: Symptoms of a A/C blower motor or circuit problem include no airflow when the blower is turned on, a noisy blower motor, or a blower motor that only operates at some speeds. Some blower motor problems may be as simple as a blown fuse (see your owner?s manual) or a bad connection. For best results, have the A/C blower motor circuit checked by a professional technician.

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